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Seamless layers in haircuts

It is really important to try and create seamless layers with flow and balance within the perimeter of your haircut. The layers are created by shaping under the last section until you reach the top section. So often we refer to wanting texture but with detrimental effects to your desired look. Wouldn’t it be so much better to create texture with product rather than damaging your desired haircut by taking out too much weight internally. With my haircut I’ve taken time not to break into my balanced round graduation. This is one of my timeless favourite haircuts. You the client can easily replicate the finished result when you get home. Its really easy to blow-dry and with the layers you can spray into it to achieve ultimate body and style. i think this hairstyle is really wearable for many occasions from day and evening. For a change you can leave unfinished with a small amount of texturlzng lotion, sometimes hand dry to achieve a soft tussled look. Easability style rating 9.

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